Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Knitting EBook from Allyson of Sweatshot of Love

Allyson from the Sweatshop of Love (please check out her site for a solid dose of energizing color!) sent over some info on her new ebook that I just had to share.
This ebook includes easy to read and super clear instructions for 10 fun summer knits and some helpful how-tos to get you through this summer knitting season. Projects include a few sweaters, legwarmers, headbands and bags.
 Let's take a peak at some of them:

Man I love those legwarmers and know that all of you proficient knitters out there would have a lot of fun making these designs. And actually, I'm finding this surprisingly motivating—maybe I need to pull out my neglected knitting needles soon!

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  1. OOhh thanks so much Amy! So glad you like the patterns and my site!