Thursday, June 17, 2010

Link Love: Birthday Goodies

Since I got a handful of lovely gifts for my bday last week that have made me so happy, I thought I'd use this post to start the week of right and share them with you.

Above is the Rainy Day tea towel from Leah Duncan, one of my new favorite illustrator/designers. I opened this up and immediately new that it would never be soiled in the kitchen—this beauty is going on a wall, likely in my office where it can give me endless inspiration.

You might remember that I posted about this necklace a few weeks ago. And my sweet boyfriend remembered too, and now I am the proud owner of this beauty from Corrine of September House.

I've also mentioned Good to the Grain: Baking With Whole Grain Flours before and to be honest, I have been tempted to cook my way through it it's so great. I can't wait to share what I make. (I swear I will not go out to lunch while my next batch of bread from this book is rising, I will not!)

A sweet and very unexpected gift came from one of my coworkers, who knows how much I love cookbooks (and sits behind the enormous stack of them on my cabinet). She very thoughtfully gave me the Fill-in-the-Blank Cookbook Log from the Small Object (makers of my favorite Today is Awesome print). The log is sort of like a library system of card cataloging—each cookbook gets a little pocket and a card, and then I get to write info about when the book came into my life and what my favorite recipes are. Given that I recently came into possession of one of my grandmothers cookbooks, and she left a handwritten list in the front of each of her current recipes, I know I'm going to start doing this, even if only to amuse me later in life...I am sure I will think, wow, I made a lot of baked goods when I turned 30!


  1. stunning necklace! I love embroidery in unexpected places :)

  2. Very awesome items. I love the dish towel and necklace!!!

  3. OMG, love that necklace. You have a great boyfriend. Hope you had a great birthday!!

  4. I'm so glad you like the necklace Amy! I'm swooning over that tea towel over here - love THAT!