Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Granny Squares as a Pillow Cover?

At the moment, I have my quilt to finish (getting there!), my dress pattern to figure out (turns out that using a pattern is wicked hard...this might take some time...and I might need a real live tutor...), and granny squares continuing to stack up. I've been continuing to crochet them whenever I'm away from home and need something to do with my hands, a situation I find myself in rather regularly, in fact. 

Over the weekend, I decided it would be a good idea to make new throw pillow covers for my bed using them, so I made two larger squares to be the middle. Mind you, I didn't have the rest of the smaller squares with me, so I was guessing on the size. I was pretty close, thankfully.

My plan, roughly, is that I will sew these together, much like they are laid out above, then sew the entire thing to a piece of fabric, out of which I will craft myself a new throw pillow. For those of you who crochet regularly, can you let me know your thoughts on whether this will work? I'm figuring that if it doesn't work—and I realize that I need to make sure the size of my top piece is somewhat close to a standard pillow insert and that the sewn-together granny squares might turn out to be one uneven whole—it won't really be that big of a loss since this crocheting business has been a really fun experiment. And surely I will be able to think of something else equally fun to do with these squares. 

If any of you have done something like this or have helpful thoughts to share, comment away!


  1. Hehe Amy, I think we're in just about the same boat right now! I too am finishing up a quilt (based on my new pattern), am trying to figure out those durned dress directions (I was to have it made in time for International Quilt Market in May), and have been crocheting up a storm - I only need eight more and I will have enough for my throw!

    I have never tried anything like this before, so I don't know if it'll be work, but I say go for it! If it doesn't work, you'll probably have learned something!

  2. It will totally work! I love pillows that are the same on both sides, so I just make enough granny squares for both sides, seam them together, cover the pillow form with fabric as a lining for the cover, then cover it with the granny square cover. They make great wedding presents, too!

  3. They will be so lovely! One tip: Check out the crochet tutorials (or a knitting guide could show you this too) on how to seam them together so they lie nice and flat, and you don't have bumpy seams. You probably already thought of that, but just in case.

  4. These are nice inspiration for a general design- They are with lace, but really pretty and sort of a similar vibe

  5. I can't see why that wouldn't work. Just make sure you block it real good after you've sewn them all together. That'll take any uneven-ness out!