Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Turning Lace into Jewelry and a Day Job

I am just loving the new-to-me line of jewelry, 24Karas, from Elizabeth Karas—and that it was a career that she found and took full time after working as an art director at Victoria Secret and J Crew. I particularly like how Elizabeth incorporates texture and hints of lace and nature into many of her handmade  creations. (Pictured above, Golden Lace Ring)


Elizabeth says, "Making jewelry is an emotional experience to me. It is a way I can express myself. When I'm designing, I am channeling experiences and emotions from my life directly into the final piece of jewelry." (Pictured above, Lovely Petals Necklace)


Here are two more pieces that I was especially drawn to. Above is the Annabel ring and below is the  Flower Lace Bangle. Nothing like a mid-week pretty jewelry pick-me-up!


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