Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilting Inspiration from Oh, Fransson!

I reached a big milestone with my quilt over the weekend—I am off the hoop. Which means I'm just working my way around the edge, quilting the 3-5 inches that stayed out of the hoop. If you're not a quilter, that might not make much sense, but the important bit is that this is the final step before doing the binding—which is the Final step before finishing. It's big! To help me stay motivated through the final push, I've been looking at Oh Fransson's quilts, like the one's pictured here, a lot.

Elizabeth's quilts are much more geometric and planned than mine, but I think that's what I love about them—they are ordered creativity which as a person who takes as much joy in a color-coded excel spreadsheet as I do, is pure genius.

I also love how she works so well within a range of colors and uses such pretty collections of fabric.

Images via Oh Fransson, where you can find pdf patterns to purchase and pages of inspiration on her blog.

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  1. Yes! Elizabeth is very, very talented - I feel so inspired every time I look at her blog!