Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Highlights: Indian Grocery, Beer Tasting and Granola

While we were out and about on Saturday, Josh and I stopped for lunch at a random Indian restaurant. It wasn't really planned, but when I saw it, I immediately suggested (strongly) that we eat there since it had been too long since I'd had naan or chicken tikka masala. The food wasn't anything fancy, but it made for a nice and easy lunch, and I got to peruse the attached market. There were aisles of dried beans and grains (I bought some Kaleem Wheat because it looked like a cross between a wheat berry and barley). 

 There were also stacks of something that looked like a tortilla and these, which I photographed simply because I liked the packaging. It was a nice reminder that I need to explore the many ethnic markets around town more often—particularly around lunch time.

After lunch we headed to the Beer N' Bread event at Living History Farms (a local farm dedicated to showing how agriculture has changed over the years-with a blacksmith and authentic turn of the century farm dinners!). It was a beer tasting of micro and home brews, plus a few artisanal bread makers, which is totally my idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. I learned that I dislike hoppy beer, but that I really like Heifenwizen.
 I also think it's pretty fun to be able to taste a lot of beer and then stroll through the gift shop and look at vegetable seeds and books on everything you need to know to survive country life.

Sunday I spent a bit of quiet time quilting and did a brief stint in the kitchen. I made a big pot of veggie chili and cornbread for dinner and a tray of vanilla cranberry granola so I felt like I was sending Josh home with plenty of yummy provisions to start his week. I definitely take after my female relatives in that regard!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm thinking the stacks that looked like tortillas were probably papadums. Gosh, I just love Indian food so much...great, now I have a craving ;)