Monday, March 1, 2010

Let there be Light (and Warmth)

Oh, perspective is a lovely thing, especially when it comes with a warm side of heat and light. I went to NYC for the weekend to see my friends new house (and, honestly, to get a haircut) and my arrival coincided with the biggest power outage in 100 years. From Friday through Sunday at 3:40, there were no lights, no heat due to wet snow that knocked out power lines all over the Hudson Valley. Thankfully, we could drive to shops and restaurants that did have electricity, and Dan and Virginia had piles of hand warmers and really warm sleeping bags. Plus, the one plus of being unplugged is that you really have no choice but to plug into each other, which is great because I love my friends and don't see them nearly enough.
That said, I haven't been so thankful for heat (and hot water) and light in years and years—and for the ability to drink hot chocolate with a lovely lit chandelier in the distance. 

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