Friday, March 5, 2010

Photo Friday: It is a Day for Pizza

Growing up, Friday's meant pizza for dinner. It was a thing that many people in my town did—you picked up the phone and ordered from Riv and then went to pick it up, standing in line nodding and waving to people you knew. Riviera makes the best Sicilian pizza and does a bang up job with a regular slice, and I credit them with my deep down love for pizza. (Well them and my grandparents who fed me a lot of tomato pie!) I have learned that you can keep a batch of Artisan Bread in 5 min a Day in the fridge and pull off chunks to make dough, like Marc of No Recipes routinely does for lunch, and that even the simplest sauce of garlic sauteed in olive oil with half of a large can of diced tomatoes makes for an excellent topping. 

I have no solid plans to make pizza this weekend, but I'm doing my darndest to convince a friend to because I know that it's worth it, so I thought that I'd share a bit of food inspiration as we head into the weekend. I wish you all a happy and relaxing two days, hopefully with a glimpse of grass and warmer temperatures. Until Monday!

Image of Grilled Onion, Gruyere and Rosemary Pizza via No Recipes


  1. Okay, okay! The picture convinced me. Also this concept of five minutes a day (as opposed to rumors on the street of 1-2 hours...). Pizza for dinner tonight!!

  2. Never mind dinner - I want this for breakfast - RIGHT NOW! ;-)