Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knit Necklace/Scarves by Ohsomilla


I am in love with these merino wool necklace/scarves from Camilla Bourbon of Ohsomilla.

Here's how she got the idea for her line (which also includes some earrings and purses):

“OhSoMilla” was born as I was going through some of my 106-year-old grandmother’s things. I was admiring her vintage purses, which are so well made and immaculately kept, but which needed something to bring them up to date and I thought “Why not add a modern touch to them?” This process not only brought back my childhood joy of decorating practical items but it also allowed me to practice what I believe in as a designer by not contributing to the wasteful consumer culture, which throws things aside once they are out of style. OhSoMilla’s mission is to promote reinvention and re-use, combined with the magical artist’s touch.

I think it's sometimes hard to rethink what we're all used to making, but this new take on a scarf is seriously inspiring.

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