Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Make: Fabric Garlands

Last week I taught a class at Ephemera on how to make fabric garlands and I wanted to give you the instructions on how to make one for yourself. They are super easy and are a great way to use up scraps of paper and fabric you might have in your house. Above is the one that Cara made with vintage fabric she brought from her stash, and here you can see two that I made.

This is us in the class in the back of Ephemera, which is just a fantastic space to be creative, if I do say so myself.
You'll need:
A range of jars (to trace circles, I used three sizes that ranged from small condiment jars to wide mouth quart jars)
File folders or card stock
Mod Podge
Assorted fabric

1.) Use the jars to trace 9-12 circles onto the cardstock. Cut them out and use a sponge to spread a thin layer of Mod Podge over each and adhere to your fabric. Allow to dry slightly, placing under a heavy book to ensure flatness. (I suggest using an old book, or a phonebook that you don't mind getting glue on since it will likely happen.)
2.) Cut out your new circles, using Mod Podge to adhere any edges that are fraying or not completely glued down.
3.) Lay out your ribbon at a length that you like for a garland (4-6 feet is usually plenty) and arrange your circles on top of it.
4.) Depending on how much time (and effort) you'd like to expend, you can either use the Mod Podge to attach the circles directly to the ribbon (again placing under something heavy to secure as it dries), or you can sew them together using a needle and thin yarn or thread.
5.) Hang vertically over a door, from the mantle, or around your tree. You can also make this craft small and use them to embellish packages, or, as someone at the class suggested, these could be pretty great ribbon headbands!

If you're going through your crafting supplies and recycling bin to make these, why not whip an entry in our Handmade Holiday Recycled/Repurposed Ornament contest while you're at it?! You could win a great big pile of fantastic crafting books and create a new heirloom (or gift) for your family.

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  1. I'm working on my recycled ornament and I'm making some garland that's very similar to this one...great minds think alike!