Friday, December 11, 2009

Inspired Image: Michelle Tauber of Recycled Rings

Hello, my name is Michelle Hartney

You can find me at

This image comes from a great photographer named Simen Johan

It inspires me because it causes my mind to go in many different directions after looking at it.

I particularly love the look on the little boy's face.

It makes me feel curious. I wonder about the loss of curiosity as we age and how that effects the world we live in.

The 3 words it conjures up are innocence, life, death.

I'm totally amazed by Michelle's choice and I agree that it totally makes me think about curiosity. I think some of her interest in that comes through in the jewelry and accessories that she sells. Here's a peak at some of my favorites of hers, including rings that are hand sewn and beaded and mostly made with recycled older rings, a walnut shell necklace and one of her awesome clutches. Definitely wouldn't mind getting one of these under the tree!

Have a great weekend everyone. I have baking and sewing on my to-do list and I couldn't be more excited about it. I might even try to go sledding or something that makes the most of the 15 inches of snow that we got earlier this week. That, or I'll just drink hot chocolate and stay warm indoors!


  1. That picture is AMAZING! I love it! I can't wait to check out her jewlery

  2. Wow, very interesting photo. Love the jewelry too. Very unique.