Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Recycled Ornaments by Becca, Katie, Kim, Suzi and Pam

Becca Huben
City/State: Guilford, CT
Ingredients used: pipe cleaners, Easter chicks, glue, audio tape
General instructions for making: I started out by knitting the audio tape (yes, knitting!) into i-cord (it's like a tube) and made a small circle / nest. The Easter chicks sit inside, and have pipe cleaner "hats" - one a Santa style, the other is a Rudolph / Reindeer style. More pipe cleaners were used to make the wreath and the hanger.

Katie Clemons
Berlin, Germany
1 toilet paper roll, paint, and string
1. Paint the outside of the toilet paper roll.
2. When dry, cut out three rings roughly 3/4" wide and fold them into Vs.
3. Bring the bottom point of each V together and wrap with string to attach them to one another
4. Open the pedals of your new flower.
5. Tie a string through one of the pedals to hang from the tree.

Katie Clemons
Berlin, Germany
2 security envelopes, paste, and string
1. Cut out circles and fold in half, patterned side in.
2. Paste semi-circle pieces together one at a time.
3. Before adding the last circle, add your piece of string to hang the ornament.

Kim Woodward
Rock Island, Illinois
Ingredients: Cardboard ornament from Michael's (.50), ribbon, scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, eye rings, photos
1. Purchase simple, circle cardboard ornaments from Michael's
2. Add coordinating blue scrapbook papers as a base on each side with Modge Podge.
3. Add circle-shaped photos to one side of each ornament.
4. Modge-podge several layers for a glossy finish.
5. Add a ribbon around the edges to cover the remaining cardboard.
6. Add a small eye-hook from a hardware store to the top to add a hook or ribbon to hang.

Suzi Jackson
Guntersville, Al 35976

Shabby Chic Angel Ornament
materials: 4 full size all white paper towels. 1 empty bathrrom tissue roll. 1 button, two toothpicks, 6 inches yarn for hair in your choice of color, 6 inches gold yarn for halo, 4 inches white narrow ribbon, Mod Podge.

Fold two paper towels in half and tear to leave uneven edge. Coat top of tissue roll with Mod Podge and place one half paper towel around top to form dress.coat with MP. Fold second half length wise, coat with MP and allow to partially dry, while tacky place around bottom of dress to form ruffle. Mod Podge ribbon over seam. Coat two half pieces of PT with Mod Podge and shape into wings. Fold in top sides of tissue roll and place wings into each fold. Staple or paper clip in place until dry. Fold two short pieces of PT, coat with Mod Podge and shape into arms. Place arms on front with hands together. Mod Podge button where hands meet. Shape one full piece of PT into angels head and coat with Mod Podge. Place toothpick into head and into neck, snip yarn into short lengths and Mod Podge onto head for hair. Draw eyes and mouth. Coat gold yarn with MP and shape into halo, attach to second toothpick, attach to back of neck. Allow to dry and attach hanger.

Pam Harris
Vancouver, Washington

Recycled version of yarn star ornaments

Cardboard shipping boxes
yarn saved from a failed project
re-used gift tag
all the bent sewing pins fished out of my box of pins
glue or Mod Podge
needle with large eye for yarn
re-used aluminum foil, foil paper or wrapping paper

See full tutorial here


  1. OOOh! I love how the paper towels look so lacy! I couldn't tell this was PT and not lace fabric! Nice job Suzi!

  2. Love the toilet paper roll idea! Even kids could do that one.

  3. Great ideas. I wish I had come across these earlier this Christmas!!! Fantastic projects! I love recycling projects and have just done some tree ornaments myself, made from nightlight holders Happy Christmas, everyone!

  4. So many creative ideas we received - I love it!