Sunday, December 20, 2009

Recycled Ornaments by Kelly

Here are two ornaments that were made and sent in by Cadley's mom. Can you imagine the fun they must have in that house?!

“Festive Frosty”
by Kelly Jackson
Guntersville, Alabama

This Festive Frosty was made of clippings and scraps swept from my workroom floor! I never throw anything away!

Materials: scrap of velvet upholstery, white
Mod Podge
White glitter
Scraps of paper, orange, decorative
Tulle clippings
Small piece of faux fur cut in circle
Scrap of yarn
Pipe cleaner
Paint, black, pink
Wad of fiberfill
Hot glue

Process: Make a large “yo-yo” and stuff with fiberfill or any recycled stuffing (plastic shopping bag)
Stitch closed. Smear all over with Mod Podge, sprinkle with glitter. Dry.
Paint eyes in black, cheeks in pink. Dry.
Hot glue orange paper nose (folded into triangle)
Hot glue pipe cleaner to top of head (this is hanger), glue yarn wad on top of this, glue hat (folded into triangle: deco paper) on top of this.
Gather tulle into a ruffle, glue under neck.
Glue fur scrap under tulle.


  1. Oh, Thanks so much for posting my Festive Frosty and Sugar Cookie Ornies! This contest has been a hot topic of conversation between my daughter, mom, and myself for weeks! Loads of fun!