Monday, December 21, 2009

Recycled Ornaments by Tammy, Fawnda, Vicki, and Abbie

Tammy James
I made this star from recycled clam shell packaging.
I traced a chipboard shape onto the thick plastic and cut out the star design, then put a slit into each star so they could fit together.
I mod podged the plastic surface and used it to apply a single layer of a paper napkin.
Once that dried I coated the whole lot with a glitter paint for some shimmer.

I joined the two sections, pierced a hole in the top, added a hanging cord and tied a bow and Volia!

Fawnda Norman
St Paul
State: Minnesota

Ingredients Used: Old Christmas Cards, double sided tape, Paper cutter, Scoring tool, Wallet sized Photos, reused twine or ribbon, chunky bead

1.) Cut your cards in to 3X3 inch squares and group them by color. You need 6 squares for each ornament.
2.) On the back side of each square find mark the midpoint on each side (at 1.5 inches)
3.) Score a diagonal line connecting your midpoints. You should have 4 score lines. Your score lines should make a tilted square inside your big square. Do this on each square.
4.) Fold on your score lines.
5.) Choose two squares to be your top and bottom. Find the middle (I drew lines across from each corner to find mine) and use your Exacto Knife to cut a whole in the center.
6.) Use your double sided tape to connect your 2 of the corners of 2 of your squares (Not the top or bottom- put those aside for now) You will be sticking the "wrong" sides together.
7.) Continue connecting until you have 4 of your squares together that make a square "tube". (it should look like a pointy cube with the top and bottom missing)
8.) Choose the bottom and sting your twine or ribbon through the hole and attach onto the bottom of your "tube"
9.) Pull your twine up through your tube and through your top piece. Connect your top piece to the rest of the ornament.
10.) Tie a loop on the top. And tie a bead onto the bottom.
11.) cut out your photos (about 2X2 inch square) and attach it to one of the sides.

Vicki Flinchum
Round Rock, Texas

Zutter Bind It All
Spellbinders Nestabilities

Vintage Sheet Music
Modge Podge
Ranger Glossy Accents
German Glass Glitter
Zutter ½ inch Owire, red
Miscellaneous Ribbon

Before starting, remember: Measure twice, cut once.
Cut seven (7) circles out of vintage sheet music with Nestibilities. Lay them on wax paper and cover one side with Modge Podge. Let dry, turn over, repeat.
Trace outer edge of circle with Glossy Accents and sprinkle with German Glass Glitter. Let dry, turn over, repeat

Abbie White
New York, NY

recycled green and black paper
mod podge, of course (just in the back, not to seal)
embroidery hoop
some stickers
masking tape

Cut out the circle and bird. mod podge bird to circle. tape (low-budget) to embroidery hoop. add yarn. Hang on tree.


  1. I love these! Another fabulous grouping for our contest. :D

  2. Love these too! Tammy - what is "clamshell" packaging? It is the coolest looking stuff!