Sunday, December 20, 2009

Retro Rudie Ornament by Cadley Jackson

Yes, I know, this is awesome. This ornament comes from Cadley Jackson of Guntersville, Alabama, where, from what I can tell, she and her mom Kelly have a fantastic time being creative together. (You'll be seeing Kelly's ornaments soon!) Cadley is 12, which I point out because I find this ornament to be extremely sophisticated and well executed. And I love the mix of materials that Cadley used. Here's how she made her Retro Rudie:

Materials: 1 toilet paper tube, old book pages, “whales” cracker box, Mod Podge, pipe cleaners, sticks & twigs, oil paints, scrap of ribbon, Christmas garland scraps, colored markers, spray glitter, one real red berry, hot glue

How to make: Cover toilet paper tube with Mod Podge and glue on the old book pages.
I cut out a head shape from the Whales box. The inside is brown. Cut a slit in the tube and insert head. Add some Mod Podge to hold it in place. I cut an ear shape from the Whales box and covered it with old pages paper. Cut out an eye shape. Color eye with markers. Glue ear and eye to head. Then I poked holes in the tube for the pipe cleaners. I used one pipe cleaner for front and one for back legs. I used hot glue to hold the legs in place. I used oil paints to rub color onto the body, legs, face and ribbon. I like to make things look old. Then I hot glued on snips from Christmas Garland as trim on the head and neck. I hot glued on the red berry as a nose. I hot glued on twigs as antlers. A paper wad is glued on as the tail. Last, I sprayed the whole thing with spray glitter. I just love it! I hope you do too!


  1. Oh My! How fun to see this! I love this ornie! Cadley is, in fact , my daughter. I was pleased when I saw her entry, she wouldn't let anyone see it until she finished. Thanks for posting it! She was SOSoOoooo Excited to enter this contest!

  2. Cadley, I wish I had 1/1000 of your creativity!! Awesome ornament!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Love, Mrs. Boyles

  3. What an awesome ornament! We are so very proud of you, Cadley! We love this:)
    Brooke and uncle Kerry