Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowy Mornings

Happy Monday everyone. I spent the weekend in Chicago (well, part of the weekend was spent in the car to and from Chicago, belting out tunes from Glee and the Indigo Girls) attending Renegade Craft Fair and the One of a Kind Show for work. While at Renegade, which I got to just as it opened and before it became too crowded, I found a new favorite photographer in Kitty Rogers. This picture, Solitude, is one of my favorites of hers and I treated myself to a handful of her postcards with the intention to frame 2 for myself, and to give 2 to others. Since it snowed a few inches here last night, this picture seems to fit the feeling of the day that's starting in Iowa. Silent, serene and just a little bit serious.

P.S Don't forget to enter our recycled/repurposed ornament contest!

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