Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Quilt Update #1, Plus Studio Sneak Peek

This past weekend I finally set up my sewing area. I got really lucky with the space in this house as I am able to use an entire half of the basement—which was formerly a wood working studio and has been immaculately kept and well lit. And I got to work on my next quilting project, which is a gift (I know that I promised myself I'd make something I could keep, but then two of my friends announced that they were pregnant, so there you go). I'm really excited that I found a way to use these Anna Maria Horner voile fabrics, which are so, so soft. Perfect for a little one to roll around on.

It measures about 3x4 feet and while I haven't quite decided on how I'm going to quilt it, I am eager to get started. I machine stitched about half of the top—until my bobbin started giving me agita—so I went back to hand stitching (which meant I was able to work on it over my lunch break yesterday at my desk!).

Okay, back to the work space, which you can see below. There is a huge work bench at a great height and after I covered it with an old floral sheet, it was transformed. I also made a little sitting area where I can work when I'd rather be sitting and I'm going to gradually cover the peg board with things that inspire me.

Sure, it's a basement and it's going to be chilly in the winter (and likely warm in the summer), but there is natural light, windows that open, and—most of all—it is terribly exciting to have my own little sanctuary with ample space for me to make things.

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