Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight: Patti's Pics

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Name:  Patti Melfi*
Location: Exton, PA
Tell me a little bit about your style of photograhy.
 I’ve been looking all over the world for my “style”. I guess I would say it’s eclectic.

How did you decide to start selling your work? 
My brother introduced me to Zazzle. Since one of my favorite hobbies is sitting in front of the computer, it seemed the perfect marriage. My pictures plus the internet equates to sales of my products.

What is it about taking pictures that you enjoy so much? 
The entire process. Seeing the shot. Attempting to catch said shot. Seeing it complete for the first time. Reviewing it in the future again and again. A moment on this earth, frozen forever.

How do you work- do you bring your camera with the specific intention to take photographs, or do you just keep it on you in case inspiration strikes?
 My brother once said my camera should be surgically implanted in my forehead. I have it with me all the time, waiting. There are frustrating times, when I see the shot and I’m driving. No shot. Times when I see the shot, shoot and miss the opportunity.  Times when I leave the house in a rush, for just a few seconds…and not take the camera...inevitably a mermaid riding a unicorn crosses my path.   

Is this your full-time work? 
No. I have a day job—the cubicle type—where I daydream all day, waiting to shoot, edit, produce and Zazzle again.

Where do you find your inspiration? 
Earth, whimsy, flora and wildlife seem to inspire me the most. I absolutely love to view pictures of people. Yet, when I see a portrait shot through my lens, it disintegrates in process—never resembles my idea. National Geographic is my awe-inspiring escape, both printed and on-line. Viewing those shots (with my jaw dropped in awe) fortifies my desire to check my battery and lift the camera to my face once again.

*Patti is my aunt, which means that I am often ducking out of the way of her camera. But it's really just because I want to give her more chances to capture the pretty flowers.