Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Highlights: Tulip Time

This weekend was filled with a wide range of activities, which on Saturday included heading out to Pella for the yearly Tulip Time. It was, unfortunately, a little late for the tulips this year (it's been so warm this spring that they were in full force about a month ago), but we got to see 2500 people break the world record for dancing in wooden shoes...

Eat some traditional Dutch food, like these pofferties (mini pancakes)...

And see the windmill all dressed up.

One of the highlights was checking out all of the pretty dresses and lacy scarves that many of the women were wearing (and repeating how much fun it would be to dress up, even though I have zero Dutch heritage in me to speak of).

 Had it not been in the 40s, windy and sprinkling rain, I'm sure we would have stayed to check out one of the many parades, if only so that I could have gotten a peak at Miss Tulip Time.
There was also a quilt show (with voting!), that we of course had to check out. Plus it was inside which made it a nice opportunity to warm up. I worked on my own new quilting project and set up my crafting area on Sunday and I'll show you both of them tomorrow. Until the, here are a few of my favorite quilts from the show.


  1. Nice entry! I'm from Holland and really couldn't tell whether or not you where here or still in the States :-)
    Love, Rachel

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. And eating poffertjes mmmmmm. My mom sometimes brings them to us here in Spain.