Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fantastic Floral Brooches by Ruby-Jo

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I fully admit that it snuck up on me a little bit this year (isn't it usually later?). Anyway, I took care of my gifting needs yesterday—get excited mom!—but these floral fabric brooches from Jo of Ruby-Jo seem like they would make a perfect gift for any mom. I particularly love the range of fabric that she uses and that each one is it's own little sweet self.

According to Jo, "each piece is made with a little love and a whole lot of care and attention to detail" which I think you can see in the final result.

Jo also makes pillows and bags, so keep an eye on her etsy shop for updates!


  1. Thanks for the lovely write up!

    Yes I do make cushions and bags and will be updating my shop with some shortly.

  2. I love Jo's pretty brooches so I can't wait to see her bags and cushions.