Thursday, May 13, 2010

Link Love: Bright and Cheery Fabrics

Whenever I start a new quilting project, I am much more aware of fabric combinations and collections. I find myself with a new urge to start multiple projects at once—in part because of these fabrics. How could I not want to work with them all?!

Above are the Feather and Bird fabric and the Bicycle fabric from Aunt June on etsy. She designed the fabric and prints it via Spoonflower and I am loving the rainbow of colors—even more so this week since it feels like we're under a perpetually gray sky that just keeps dumping buckets and buckets of rain.

These fabrics are from a different part of the color wheel, sure, but together they make a ridiculously  gorgeous palette (which I am just realizing is very similar to the colors that we used in our house). This is the new collection from Cloud9 Fabrics, which is a line of organic cotton designed by Michelle E Bencsko that is just heavenly. It's called "Beyond the Sea" and I'm hoping to eventually make my parents something for their shore house from some of the options.

And finally, via True Up (one of my new favorite blogs with a header that inspires some serious jealousy), there is Amy Butler's coming-in-fall line of fabrics for Westminster, Soul Blossoms. I love the combination of graphic and floral patterns and the colorway (pink!). I'm looking forward to seeing this one in my local quilting shop come fall.

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  1. Oh dear, those are fabulous fabrics. And that header - wow. I love.