Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cross Stitching by Mim of Muddle + Flow

I came across the cross stitching by Mim of Muddle + Flow a little over a week ago and I was eager to learn more about how she learned to do what she does. Her designs are so fun and I am particularly taken with the duck and owl brooches. Here's a bit from Mim about what she makes.

I can't remember exactly when I learned to cross stitch, but I can remember my mum teaching me needlepoint when I was quite little. I was raised in a very creative environment, so I have virtually learned to sew, stitch, dart, knit, pleat and fold by osmosis. My tools at that time were a piece of plastic mesh, some wool, and a huge plastic needle! I loved it even then!

I have chosen to cross stitch my pieces, because am keenly aware that many of the needle crafts that where widely taught in previous generations are gradually being forgotten. I wanted to set myself a challenge to 're-use'/'re-style' a technique that is often perceived to have 'had it's day' in a more contemporary form.

I find inspiration for my work everywhere. I do seem particularly interested in depicting birds, but I also love designing patterns inspired by faraway places, like Morocco. By day, I work at a desk job, so this is my creative outlet... when i get the time!

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