Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspired Image: Tara of Seven Spoons

Hello, my name is Tara O'Brady

You can find me at my site, seven spoons, and in the pages of UPPERCASE magazine.

This image comes from marthasnail's photostream.

It inspires me because it was the start of an experiment in abstract photography, which in itself is really rather nice. I think many of us forget to challenge our own creativity as often as we could. And, it appeared on flickr when all around me was grey and glum - that light, the blurred colours of tree and leaf, are filled with bolstering possibility.

I particularly love how the overall effect reminds me of trying to stare too long at the sun. 

It makes me feel like something marvelous is about to happen.
The 3 words it conjures up are warmth, forward, breath.


If you aren't familiar with Tara's food blog, Seven Spoons, please go check it out right now. Not only does she post delicious recipes with even more delicious images, but reading her thoughts on each particular dish is always a pleasure. Each post is a little journey and while I often don't know where we're heading when she starts a post, I'm always glad to go along for the ride. Just because I can't resist, here are some of her lovely food images.

She's like our very own North American Donna Hay, right?!
In other news, it's Friday of a three day weekend and if you're like me (or like anyone today, really), you're wicked excited about it. How could you not be? Three mornings to sleep in a bit and eat a lazy breakfast? More time to spend in the sun rather than behind a computer? Sign me up!
Growing up, Memorial Day weekend was always the start of the season at the shore. Much of my family will be heading down there to enjoy the beach and the boardwalk and so that I'm not too jealous, we've scheduled ourselves a little housewarming party. It's potluck, so I hope that our friends bring some goodies to share, but I'll be spending much of Saturday cooking and baking because I can't help myself, so I will meet you back here on Tuesday with a full report with recipes. Enjoy!

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