Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Highlights: Flowers and Rhubarb

Amazingly, this weekend didn't involve any major house projects, which was a first since we moved in three weeks ago (though I admit that I did spend about two hours hanging pictures, but that was nothing compared to painting the kitchen!). Which meant I had a little more time to sew, cook, and admire the flowers in our yard. Like these.

I mean, can you say drama? I am somewhat impressed by these flowers, which I believe to be irises but I'm not sure of the variety, since they resemble an orchid and have been threatening to burst open for over a week now. I don't expect that they will last all that long since they are rather delicate, but I do love the spectacle of them by our driveway.

This one has just one other like it and I have no idea of the type of flower (again, they came with the house) but how I adore the little purple burst!

The rest of the weekend included quilting, baking a rhubarb cake (I'll share that later this week), and some strawberry rhubarb sauce to go with vanilla coconut ice cream that I'm planning to have for dessert tonight with friends. We were lucky enough to get a big bag full from one of Josh's coworkers, which officially has me plotting to get our own plant...and figure out what other fruit we can grow in our backyard.


  1. hey amy! the purple looks like an allium, which i am in love with too :)


  2. Thanks Amiee! I love getting to know my yard through the flowers!

  3. Oooh, that icey cream sounds delicious!