Friday, May 21, 2010

Inspired Image: Sharleen of Shartreuse Studio

You might remember this image that I posted last Friday for my mini-print of the month pick. It was also taken by Sharleen, a photographer who quickly moved to my favorites list. Read on to hear the story behind this image shown here.

Hello, my name is Sharleen Heist

You can find me at and

This image comes from my personal collection. It was taken by me, over ten years ago and is of my then two-year-old son and his kitty.

It inspires me because it was the first photo I  took that opened my eyes to the idea of an images ability to "speak" to it's viewer. The idea that an image can be more than just a documentation of ones life. The idea that an image can take you to another place or time, recall a memory, tell a story or inspire one...a good image can do all of these things. This photo made me want to learn more about the art of photography and in doing so led to a new career for me!

I particularly love the fact that neither subject is aware of the camera. Enabling me to capture a truly tender moment between my son and his beloved kitty.

It makes me feel
nostalgic! Nostalgic for those days when my son was small enough to climb up onto my lap. Nostalgic for those days as a child, when you had noting better to do than sit and look out the window. Nostalgic for those long summer days spent with my sister, dressing our kitty in doll clothes and pushing her around the neighborhood in a buggy.

The 3 words it conjures up are tender, reminiscent and enlightening.


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Weekend plans: I have agreed to learn how to weed (because at the moment I'm not sure that I could tell you which plants are good plants and which are bad in our backyard), and we have a few more pictures to hang. Otherwise, I'm planning to relax, maybe read and sew a bit, and then pack for an early week trip to NYC. I'm lucky enough to be going to the Sex and the City 2 premiere, and while I've been stressing about what to wear, I'm trying to focus on how fun the experience will be and the time together with my family.

See you back here on Monday!

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