Friday, May 14, 2010

Mini Print of the Month: Spring Blossoms from Shartreuse

Yesterday afternoon, the deep gray sky finally started giving way to the sun. It seemed unsure at first—the clouds were holding steady in the sky only letting a sliver of blue peak out at a time. But by the time I'd gotten home in the evening, the sun was shining brightly and it felt as if I had no choice but to take a walk to soak some of it in.

I go through phases where access to sunlight impacts me more than others, and most of the time, I'd say that I hardly notice the difference. But this week—when I was adjusting to a new workspace where I'd lost my previously lovely view of the sky—I felt like I was dragging. And the rainy days certainly weren't helping. Thankfully, yesterday's break in the weather came at just the right time. I needed that sun and while it took the whole evening to pull myself out of the funky mood that I'd picked up throughout the day (which was 99% induced by the DMV), I know the sun helped me get back to feeling like me. Today, the sun is out again, I had breakfast with some of my favorite people here, and there's a garden outside of the office where I can sit and eat my lunch. All of which seems like a perfect thing to do on a Friday.

As is staring at this image, which reminds me of the yard around the house where I grew up. We had these flowers near our back door in various shades of pinks and purples and I always loved having them around in the summer. I'm glad that's May's mini print of the month—this is called Spring Blossoms V from Shartreuse on etsy, who had another print on the etsy home page today—that will always remind me of that door and that house, where I started to become who I am today.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my print!

    The ability of an image to take you to another place or time is exactly why I fell in love with photography!

    The blossom in the print is from a rhododendron bush that grows outside our front door and flowers every spring. Maybe someday my children will remember it as fondly as you do yours!