Thursday, May 20, 2010

Link Love: Penchant for Stitched Pendants

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I've noticed an uptick in the number of people, including some of my favorite people, doing needlework on pendants. In addition to thinking that these would be downright lovely worn all summer, I also think that they could make quite striking wall adornments. Here are some of my current favs.

These first two are from Corrinne of September House. She makes all sorts of lovely embroidery and I just love the linen backing with the one tone thread on these.

This next one is from Janick of neawear and I'm really enjoying this leaf-on-wood motif that she has going on here.

And these last two are from the Pin Pals, a shop that is filled with items I covet (check out these barrettes!). First is the Filigree See-Through Folk Locket, combining a detailed item of jewelry with an awesome and somewhat more traditional pattern of stitching.

This one, the Bluebell Heart Cross Stitch Pendant, is just so darling I can hardly stand it—happiness on a chain, for sure.


  1. Love these! -Katie

  2. Wow, love those...Think I may have to whip one up! I just sent you an email so I could join the friendship bracelet swap. What a great idea. I love your blog...I will be back!